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Great curb appeal goes a long way to produce a profitable, quick home sale. Outstanding Curb Appeal like this leads to a successful home sale.[/caption]

Home Selling Tips To Earn More

Having a home in this popular Minnesota community gives you a great advantage. Plymouth MN is a prime location for metro connectivity. When you market your Plymouth home for sale you want to take advantage of your natural assets. The best time to sell you home in Plymouth is the Spring. There are many things to be sure to do in preparation for selling your home. For instance, if you want to sell your home for top dollar in a short period, you should adhere to the principle of showing your home in its best light. That requires some effort, time and money but will pay off in a greater return on your investment.

Great Advice for Home Sellers

Here are five tested home selling tips that will help your Plymouth home sale happen quickly. These suggestions will also increase the amount of your closing check.

  1. Pay attention to the three D’s

When you prepare to sell, begin the process with decluttering, depersonalizing and deep cleaning at the top of your list. Here is a great article on the Our Twin Cities Home blog. It should tell you everything you need to know to make these first steps go quickly and smoothly. Now let’s move to the outside. Be sure to pay attention to these things when you are getting your home ready for sale.

  1. Your Yard Makes the First Impression

The front of your home and yard is the first glimpse that buyers see. As in all aspects of life, first impressions can be lasting and very important. Mow the lawn and trim the shrubbery. Get rid of the weeds, add some flowers, and add fresh mulch. Wash the windows and power wash the siding. Update your mailbox, front entrance hardware, and lighting. Paint the front door. Great curb appeal has been proven to add value to your home. Check out what Bob Villa has to say the subject.

  1. Paint, Paint, Paint

What is the most inexpensive upgrade you can make to your Plymouth home that will bring the most value to your bottom line on closing day?  Paint. Newly painted walls and woodwork present a fresh, clean, canvas to buyers. Consider today’s popular shades of gray. Every color of sofas and chairs will match, and buyers will love the fact they can move right in without the burden of picking paint colors.

  1. Align the Price of Your Plymouth home with the Plymouth Market

Today’s buyers know things. They have a limitless supply of information to access online, and they use it. They hire buyer’s agents to negotiate and advise them. Even in this market that strongly favors sellers an overpriced property can languish on the market and eventually end up selling for less than it would have if it were priced appropriately right out of the gate.

When you hire a good real estate agent, please listen to him. When it comes to pricing, he is the expert and will do a market analysis that will show you where your home should be priced to be competitive with other homes for sale in Plymouth.

  1. Last But Hardly Least Important When You Sell Your Plymouth Home

Get the best advice and representation by listing your home with an experienced Plymouth Real Estate Agent. Check out his credentials, online reviews, years of experience, and knowledge of your local market. The latest statistics from The National Association of Realtors claim that 51% of all real estate transactions begin on the internet.  Make sure the agent you hire to list your home has an online presence.

If you follow these tips, selling your home should be a profitable experience. Good Luck!

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