5 Top Homebuyer Turnoffs

homebuyer turnoffs

When did any seller ever want a homebuyer to be turned off by their home? Never. But it happens frequently, and you have to wonder, what’s the problem here?

Perhaps the seller had a listing agent that didn’t provide guidance. Maybe the Realtor gave detailed suggestions for preparing to get a high five from homebuyers, and the seller ignored the advice.

Avoid having your property on the no deal list for a homebuyer. If your home isn’t guilty of these turnoffs, you are on the right track for a quick and profitable home selling experience.

Here are five big no-no’s that won’t fly under the homebuyer radar.

1. Funky Smells

The following is a fact. No homebuyer ever wants to make an offer on a stinky house. If your home has odors from cigarette smoke, greasy foods, pets or mold, this is a deal breaker.

Do not for a second think that candles, air fresheners, or cinnamon sticks simmering on the stove top are going to mask serious house BO. It will not.

2. Dirt Repels Homebuyer

The easiest and least expensive was to please homebuyers is to do a deep and thorough clean of your home. Room by room from top to bottom and side to side wall ceilings and woodwork.

Wash the window inside and out, so they sparkle. Wash or clean any window dressings too. Shampoo the carpets. Clean the lighting fixtures and ceiling fans. Homebuyers will be impressed, guaranteed.

3. Clutter

Clutter detracts from the overall appeal of your house in a big way. You need to remove it. Go through your clothing, books, toys, and get rid of what you don’t want or need.

Go through every cabinet in the bathroom and kitchen as well. If it’s broken, expired, obsolete, or hasn’t been used in years you don’t need it. The last thing you want is a homebuyer to open a closet or cabinet door and see it packed to the max with your junk.

4. Disrepair Goodbye Homebuyer

After you have lived in a house for years, you tend to either accept things that malfunction or don’t notice them. Homebuyers, however, will see every little imperfection. The ounce of prevention will go a long way.

Get ahead of turnoff #4 and go room by room identifying what’s broke and fixed it. Take care of the leaky faucet and the toilet that runs. Replace the cracked window pane and the broken light switch. Don’t forget to address the chipped floor tile, holes in the wall or closet doors that won’t close properly.

All of the small fixes may seem inconsequential to you. In the eyes of the homebuyer, however, they are a big deal. Not only will this be an added stress to a process that has it built in, but they will also wonder what essential home maintenance you were careless about for the years you owned the home.

5. Mechanicals at the End of the Life Cycle

Most homebuyers, especially first-timers, will be low on cash after shelling out the down payment, closing costs and moving expenses. The last situation they want to deal with is the possibility of having to replace a furnace or a roof.

These are items that should be addressed by you the seller before placing your home on the market. Over the long run, it will cost you less than the amount you will have to lower your price to sell.

Last and most important piece of advice, find a great agent to sell your home and listen to him.

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