Prepare Your Home for Sale

Preparing Your Home for a Spring Sale

It’s time to sell your home. You’ve done the research and you’ve determined that selling your home is the best idea for your finances and for your life. You’ve talked to your local realtor and you know what you have to get done. It doesn’t matter the reason — maybe you’re downsizing into a one-bedroom Minneapolis apartment or you’ve found an awesome rent to own deal nearby in a favorite Minnesota neighborhood — you still must prepare your home for sale and for the spring selling season. A recent report from the Huffington Post found that homes listed in spring sell an average of 18 days faster, and often even for higher prices. So, you need to take advantage of this opportunity and get your place on the market. And here are a few ways you can do that.

Spring (and Summer) Home Maintenance

Your buyer isn’t looking to do a ton of maintenance as soon as they move into the house … well, at least most people aren’t. So, do it for them. Go through the normal maintenance routines, like cleaning the HVAC filters, checking out the quality of the chimney, have a pro inspector walk through the place, and clean out the old gutters. Make your place move-in ready and you’ll attract a ton of attention from buyers in the area. Transition your home from winter to spring and show them how beautiful it could be.

Siding, Sidewalks and A Major Clean Will Prepare Your Home for Sale

Homeowners should keep a close eye on the condition of their home’s siding and windows. A ton of dust and dirt can build up in these areas, and if you’re like most people, you rarely ever take a look to see if cleaning is needed. It’s likely that you’ll find the need for a little pressure washing. But don’t worry. This is typically an easy thing to take care of yourself. You can rent a pressure washer for under $30 in most places and start the process with relative ease. After a long winter, the salt you used to handle your sidewalks will surely need a little refresher. Take a look at your driveway also, your car may have left drips of oils than drag down the clean look of your entire property. You can use the pressure washer and take care of that as well.

Take A Look At Your Front Door

When you prepare your home for sale, think about what a buyer going to see on entering your front home. What kind of vibe do they get? What do they see when they first step onto your property? Do you like what they’ll see at first glance? It’s pretty simple, and paint is cheap. Yet, a fresh coat on your front door makes a huge difference in what a buyer thinks at first sight. Clean up the door, clean up the trim, take a look and see if the windows need some touch-up. A wood deck? Maybe that could use a fresh coat as well. And if you have a ton to repaint, it’s easy to find a local professional to help with the work.

A Little Boost From Plants and Flowers

Prepare your home for sale with blooming plants, new floral arrangements, a crisp and clean garden — touches of flower and greenery can go a long way in making your home look like it’s in pristine condition. And if your neighbor’s yard is in bad shape, this can elevate your home in a huge, huge way. It might be a bit early to start planting in your area, depending on the current climate, but add a few touches of greenery on your porch or in potted plans on the day of your open house. Your buyer might be a first-timer; or, they may be someone who reads all the latest real estate blogs and knows everything there is to know about purchasing a home in MN. But no matter who they are, if you work hard to go the extra mile to make your home more presentable for the season, they will notice. A little work goes a long way! If you need more motivation to prepare your home for sale, contact one of the best realtors in the Twin Cities.

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