Selling a Home in Winter

Selling a home in winter

Selling a home in winter may be a very positive experience.  It’s good to note that there are even advantages over selling in the spring and summer months. It’s true.

Advantages to Selling a Home in Winter

While it is true that the prime time for real estate in the spring and summer months. However, the fact is homes sell during all seasons of the year including winter. There are pressing reasons why people must sell their homes in the winter, but it can also be a choice or preference. Here are some advantages that inspire winter sellers.

  • As a seller, expect less competition
  • Winter buyers are determined and may be more willing to negotiate
  • Everyone is less busy, so the process is quicker
  • Winter is a great time to highlight an energy efficient smart home

Curb Appeal Matters

Whether you are selling a home in winter or any other season, first impressions matter. Highlight your curb appeal. In summer you mow the lawn, and in winter you shovel. Keeping the driveway and walkways clear of snow and ice is extremely important.

Don’t forget the aesthetics either. A wreath on the door and a planter of winter greens catch the eye if you have window boxes, spruce and pine branches mixed with holly berries real dresses up the front of your home.

Accentuate Energy Efficiency

Everyone likes a warm toasty home but nobody like’s high energy costs. If you have an energy efficient home, make sure your agent communicates this appropriately in the listing description. When selling a home in winter, here are some of the items to note.

  • High-efficiency furnace
  • Smart programmable thermostats
  • Energy efficient water heaters or tankless options
  • Increased R rating with extra insulation and 2 X 6 wall construction
  • New energy efficient windows
  • Solar thermal systems
  • Solar electric panels
  • Energy efficient lighting
  • Energy star appliances

Of course, your home will most likely not have all these features, and it wouldn’t be reasonable to expect them to, but one thing that everyone selling a home in winter can do is replace incandescent light bulbs with CFLs or LED lighting. If you think this is not important, you are kidding yourself because today’s buyers, especially millennials are very concerned and aware of energy efficiency.

Just a few more items that we should not overlook when selling your home in winter are heated garages, radiant heated floors in bathrooms, winterized sunrooms, and heated driveways and walkways for snow and ice melting.

Last Item to Consider in Winter Home Selling

One last tip, regardless of the season the soon you choose a Realtor to list your home the sooner you have access to his expertise and advice.

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